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Lawyers Protecting The Rights Of Construction Site Accident Victims

It seems as though the major metropolitan areas of New York are perpetually under construction. Living and working in a city like Buffalo means contending with the noise, dangers and disruptions of construction work. At best, this is an inconvenience. At worst, however, it is a dangerous and even deadly problem.

If you were injured while working, visiting or merely passing by a construction site, it is important to understand your rights and legal options. When you contact VanDette Law PLLC, our experienced attorneys will take the time to listen to your story and inform you of all options for compensation. Depending on the circumstances, we can help you pursue workers’ compensation benefits, a personal injury claim or both.

New York Laws Grant Special Protections To Construction Sites

All workplaces are required to take reasonable safety precautions, but construction sites are especially dangerous places. Thankfully, New York labor laws outline specific protections at these sites.

New York Labor Laws 200 and 241 require construction company owners and contractors to take specific actions to ensure that construction sites are safe for workers, visitors and passersby. If a dangerous situation is discovered, they must post a warning notice and stop using machinery/equipment until the problem is corrected.

One of the most important protections for construction workers is New York Labor Law 240, commonly referred to as the “scaffolding law.” It requires contractors and construction owners to provide scaffolding (and other safety equipment/procedures) to protect workers from falls.

We Can Help You Seek Additional Compensation For Violations Of These Laws

In spite of these three laws, accidents can and do occur. However, when workers get injured because one of these laws was violated, they are allowed to file a personal injury claim as well as a workers’ compensation claim. This is an important exception to the rule that normally makes workers’ compensation the only available source of compensation for on-the-job injuries.

If you were injured while working at a construction site, please discuss the details of your accident with our experienced attorneys. We can help you determine whether your accident was connected to a violation of labor laws 200, 240 or 241. If so, we will aggressively advocate for you in a personal injury claim as well as help you seek workers’ compensation benefits.

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