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Were Your Civil Rights Violated By Law Enforcement Personnel?

Americans count on police officers to “protect and serve.” And while many do their work honorably, there are those who abuse their power and violate the Constitutional rights of civilians. Because police officers, corrections officers and other criminal justice personnel have the authority to detain, injure and even kill, it is critical for each of us to call out abuse when we see it and to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

At VanDette Law PLLC, we utilize the civil justice system to fight for those whose Constitutional rights have been violated during interactions with police, prosecutors, corrections officers and others. If you’ve been harmed by the misconduct or illegal actions of a member of law enforcement, we invite you to contact us to discuss your rights and legal options.

Recognizing And Combatting Misconduct And Abuse

Our attorneys are ready to help you investigate, report and seek appropriate legal remedies for:

  • Excessive force and police brutality
  • Unnecessary use of restraints, tasers, batons and other implements
  • Physical abuse while in police or prison custody
  • Racial profiling
  • Wrongful death stemming from unjustified use of firearms or other lethal force
  • Wrongful death stemming from substandard care or abuse while in custody
  • Evidence planting, coerced confessions, illegal searches and other actions leading to wrongful conviction
  • Unjustified delay or denial of emergency medical care

It may not be immediately clear to you whether the misconduct or abuse you suffered is legally actionable. We invite you to contact us to discuss your rights and options. We offer free initial consultations to all prospective clients.

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