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A child’s crash injury could cause worse scars than an adult’s

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a parent, you might do just about anything you can think of that would potentially reduce your child’s injury risk. However, you do have to routinely expose them to one of the most common risks for children, which is travel in a motor vehicle. 

The injuries a child suffers in a crash could alter their appearance for the rest of their life. Although children heal notoriously quickly compared to older people when they suffer traumatic injuries, they are also at increased risk of severe scarring. What would fade and disappear on an adult may grow and become more visible on a child as they continue to mature? 

The very factors that make a growing body more readily able to heal physical trauma may result in a more lasting visual record of that trauma later.

Visible childhood injuries often require special care

It cut on a forearm or leg may not be the reason for major concern, but any cut or wound on a child’s face or neck could end up causing disfiguring scarring without the appropriate care. Parents may want to see a pediatric plastic surgery specialist if their child requires stitches or has any significant injury to their face. 

The smaller a child is when they first suffer the injury, the worse the potential for scarring. Parents who want their child to live a normal life may have to invest tens of thousands of dollars in care in some cases. 

Realizing that you may need to make an insurance claim or possibly file a lawsuit will help you cover the exceptional costs sometimes created when children get hurt in car crashes.