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What can cyclists do to stay safe?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In a collision between a car and a cyclist, the cyclist is in vastly more danger of suffering serious injuries. One of the greatest risks that most cyclists face whenever they go out for a ride is simply that posed by an inattentive driver

As such, it’s important for cyclists to know what they can do to try to stay safe. There are extra steps that you can take to reduce the odds of an accident, including the following.

Always ride with traffic

You never want to ride against traffic, which is where walkers and runners will be. Bikes are supposed to go with the flow of traffic at all times.

Don’t ride on the sidewalk

Some cyclists believe that it’s safer to ride on the sidewalk, but it actually means that vehicles turning across the sidewalk are much more likely to hit you.

Put lights on your bike

Blinking strobe lights on a bike can help during the day and at night. The new LED models are so bright that they can help to get attention even on the sunniest day.

Wear a helmet

Finally, it’s important to acknowledge that you can’t always prevent accidents from happening. Drivers are still going to make mistakes and you could be hit. This is why having a highly-rated bike helmet is so important. It can vastly reduce the ads of a traumatic brain injury or some other sort of head injury. But if you do get injured in the accident, then it’s important to look into your options to seek financial compensation.